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Gltech is a cyber security firm specialised in cyber defence operations and cyber defence centre development.

Security Services

An African-based threat intelligence network and deception technologies that harness the best, military-grade tactics, and methodologies of cyber warfare.

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Data Protection

We are committed to protecting your organisation’s data and privacy using our modern and innovative data security techniques with our Cyber Experts.

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Quality par excellence

We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using tested and trusted techniques while offering clients the support and accessibility.

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Advanced Cyber Security Provider

Based on a recent research, fraud and financial crimes are causing an estimated annual revenue loss of $3.5 trillion across industries and the reputational damage associated with cyber and fraud events is instantaneous. The possibility of a significant increase in cyber attacks in the coming years are very likely. Gltech experts has successfully helped top banks and businesses around the globe in detecting, responding and containing data breaches.

Providing Best Cyber Security Solutions

GLTech is your trusted Cyber Security Advisor. Our team of professionals are bright minds with a combined experience of over 3 decades in the field of cyber security and IT Auditing. We pride ourselves with qualified team that have managed Cyber security for top global Banks and also consulted for various institutions. We assist organizations to make informed risk management decisions that eventually leads to a higher defensive posture, while also enabling business leaders to protect areas that matter the most.

What We Offer

We help organizations fight daily growing threats, incidents and actual cybercrime

Threat Intelligence

Our threat service is a full-scope, multi-layered simulation, orchestrated from the perspective of a malicious threat actor, designed to measure how prepared your infrastructure is.

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Security Assessment

We proactively search through the organization’s networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that got around existing security systems.

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Compromise Assessment

Our experts have unmatched response time in providing superior, on-premise defense that significantly reduces risk exposure. We employ modern and advanced technologies.

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Incident Response

Our experts have unmatched response time in providing superior, on-premise defense that significantly reduces risk exposure. We employ modern and advanced technologies.

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Security Training

Africa’s premium cyber security academy offers uncompromising education experience. An engaging curriculum that encompasses everything a security expert should know.

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Cloud Security

Security can have a devastating impact on your business. Not only do they result in financial losses, but the cost of recovery and reputational damage can cost more than the ransom.

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General Questions Frequently Asked Questions?

An unprotected computer is like an open door for websites that threaten your internet safety with spyware and computer viruses. Firewalls monitor internet traffic in and out of your computer and hide your PC from online scammers looking for easy targets.

A co-managed model defines a partnership where Secuvant™ is sent your logs for servers, firewalls, and other system devices for monitoring, threat triage and analysis. We’ll be your ‘eyes on glass’ where you’ll be our ‘hands-on devices’ as Secuvant™ will not have any access to your systems, but work with you and your team to identify threats and provide mitigation recommendations.

Cybersecurity as a field typically has more open jobs than there are qualified candidates to fill them. There are over half a million cybersecurity job openings in the US at the time of writing, according to Cyber Seek. These jobs also tend to be well-paid. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median salary of $102,600 for information security analysts in the US.

The goal of ethical hacking is to test and protect the security and information systems of the organization an ethical hacker is working for. This type of hacking is also known as “penetration testing” because the white hat hacker, or ethical hacker, tests the system to see if there are any areas to breach or exploit. This allows the organization to ensure its systems are up to date and secure so that its weaknesses aren’t taken advantage of by illegal hackers.

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Olajide James
Olajide James Co-Founder - Seluzo

I had a sweet experience with Bofirm Consulting team the best ever from a Nigerian company. I had a payment glitch which required that I speak to customer care support. Their responses were swift and appetizing!

Keep up the good job!

Aderonke CEO - Talkwithaa Media

Great Service
Bofirm Consulting is a very good Cyber Security service provider and they've been serving me for over two years now and I didn't get any issue or negative vibes.

I am always happy for choosing Bofirm Consulting, everyday, Everytime.

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